Tips For Designing The Perfect Bedroom

Creating a room plan will help you decide where to arrange your bedroom furniture and by using bedroom design software you can create your room’s actual dimensions to get an accurate idea of the space you have in your room to place furniture.

Bedroom planning software will allow you to play around on the computer to discover what looks best and where. You can work out how to maximise the space in your bedroom with a click of a button. The software allows you to plan down to the very last detail.

What to consider when designing your room?


Lighting is such an important feature of any room – it can create the illusion of a larger room and it sets the tone of the room. In the bedroom it’s a good idea to have lighting that will suit both day and night; a good way to get this effect is to use a dimmer switch to create a calm, dimly-lit ambiance in the evening and in the morning let the natural light seep through light curtains. For those dark and dreary mornings you can buy special lamps that create the illusion of daylight.

Focal Point

Your bed should be the focal point of any bedroom (of course) – you should ensure your bed is the right size for your room. It’s all well and good having a luxury king size bed but if it leaves you no room for anything else then you should find something smaller.


Your bedroom should be your place to relax so you should try and keep it as clutter-free as possible and you can do this by using savvy storage methods. Make use of the storage space underneath your bed by purchasing boxes or containers to store things you don’t use often under your bed. Fitted wardrobes are brilliant for smaller bedrooms as they are built into the wall and won’t protrude into your bedroom space, also consider other types of multifunctional furniture to maximise space.

You should also consider whether you think it’s worth having a desk in your bedroom – if you take work home with you it might be worth leaving your desk for the study – you want your bedroom to be an escape from work, not another office!

Stylish and Relaxing Retreat

Your bedroom is a place where you can be extravagant with style if you wish, the decoration you decide on will depend on your personal preferences, there are no rights or wrongs on what colour schemes you choose but it’s important to remember the colour you choose will reflect the mood of your room. Calming and soothing colors are conducive to a good night’s sleep so bear this in mind if you don’t sleep well. If you’re a good sleeper, choose energising and bright shades to help wake you up in the morning.

To give your walls a bit of decoration you can purchase all kinds of wall sticker or you can paper just one wall for a stylish and modern effect. Remember your bedroom is your personal space so you can make it as lavish, eclectic or as natural as you like.


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